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 Theme : “To restore shareholders wealth lost due to adverse economic effects of Covid-19 pandemic by providing financial services that will stimulate Agriculture transformation,long drought, pests and diseases, reduction on illiteracy rate, increase on safe water coverage, improved sanitation and improved health services that will enhance economic growth and development for shareholders.”

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Services offered

Savings Mobilization

Voluntary savings the ability to deposit and withdraw at will and earn market-driven rates of return on funds deposited

Membership Mobilization

We answer questions like...What is the role of members in our organization


Investments in good agricultural practices and improving supply chains have the potential to address these global failures

Our four branches

Katovu branch

Katovu branch

This branch is located near Katovu police station
Kampala outlet

Kampala outlet

This branch is located at Usafi market
Masaka outlet

Masaka outlet

This branch is located at city view complex L3
Kyazanga main branch

Kyazanga main branch

This branch is located near pilot petrol station


What our clients say?

Since the credit amount was smaller I was economically weak I took up a loan from kkmf which helped me to empower my business now i am a happy business woman.
Namubiru Mariam
By allowing entrepreneurs to become more resilient through their own efforts at their own business, KKMF gives the opportunity to make it through times of economic difficulty.
Nassanga Hamida
kkmf serves those who are often overlooked in society. Those with disabilities, those who are unemployed, and even those who simply beg to meet their basic needs since kkmf has no withdrawal chargers and depositing is free of charge
Byansi Labani
Women are also statistically more likely to repay a loan in kkmf which is another reason why women are targeted kkmf. There’s also the fact that for many who receive a microloan, at kkmf it is their only real chance to get themselves out of poverty.
Nambogo Zaituni

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Journey to digital inclusion

Positive cooperation with all staff members through supporting our leaders and encouraging our peers and developing our subordinates. Courtesy and good humor in all our

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