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Financial Inclusion is at the Heart of kkmf Mission.

kkmf is working to expand financial inclusion worldwide. Learn More

What is Financial Inclusion?

Financial inclusion refers to the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to disadvantaged and low-income segments of society. In this way, they are being included in the financial services industry.

Why is Financial Inclusion Important?

Without access to basic financial services, people in poverty are unable to perform many common functions that could drastically improve their lives. When they are financially included, they can start to build assets and take other steps to improve their standard of living. They can save money, qualify for a loan to expand a business or by a home, have a safe way to make payments to schools or doctors, and so much more.

How KKMF Increases Financial Access?

kkmf is rooted in the idea that providing people with access to financial services can empower them to improve their lives. This is what our founders believed over 18years ago, when they pioneered the concepts of microfinance and Village Banking™, and it’s what we believe now as we expand our use of financial technology (and establish new partnerships with social enterprises working to expand financial inclusion.