About us


Because of the social economic-problems that were prevailing in the area Chairman Kaitana vicent, developed an idea of establishing an institute/micro finance, through which they could mobilize resources from the community, put them into different business ventures, through providing affordable loans to members in order to boost their businesses. Additionally in order to promote government policy i.e.(poverty alleviation to the economically active poor, through micro finance in the area. (Sub-county). Therefore, the idea of establishing Kyazanga Kwegatta MFI took its course. Around November 2004, a meeting was held and the interim executive was elected, that included

Committee members

Supervisory committee



The MFI has the following charges through providing its services


Self sustainable institution with socially economically welfare of members


To provide a sustainable efficient financial and business advisory services to economically, socially and active members in Kyazanga sub-county and other areas

Our values

Team work

We believe that effective team work requires leaders who put their teams' interests before their own


We welcome and believe in people who practices honesty and fairness

Customer focus

We will anticipate and understand our customers' needs knowing that wasted time has a price


As individuals, we are continually raising standards in our pursuit of excellence. We strive to deliver what was promised on time

Corporate social responsibility

We recognize the need to be responsible citizens by minding and caring about social and environmental wellbeing of communities


We believe in not disclosing nor using for personal gains confidential information of clients which come into our way because of business relationship